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Greetings from MegaGen

Thank you for visiting Megagen’s official website.

This home page is intended to provide you with information on our wide range of innovative products and to give you an update on our latest promotions, seminars, clinical cases and publications.

MegaGen is very proud of its hard working team who provide the highest quality of service and solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the dental implant industry.

Since dental implants were introduced in Korea in the early 1980s, this solution for replacing missing teeth has grown rapidly more popular in clinics throughout both Korea and the world. Megagen‘s mission is to become your core partner in the growth of your business, providing world class products for dental implant surgery and superior and innovative technology for optimal solutions.

Our commitment to constantly evaluate and improve is reflected in our corporate culture. We believe in a broadminded approach of listening in order to understand our clients’ needs so we can develop and supply the best products to satisfy those needs. We are dedicated to offering a fast and efficient response in order to resolve any issues our clients may encounter and to provide the best solutions. This approach has afforded MegaGen an extremely competitive position in the world market.

Our fundamental belief in a customer-oriented approach and our focus on developing safer and more affordable products through constant R&D have made our goal of becoming a global manufacturer contributing to the healthy lifestyle of mankind a reality.

Your continuing interest and feedback are fundamental to Megagen. We thank you for the unwavering confidence you have shown in our company and look forward to building an even stronger and brighter future together.

Dr Kwang Bum Park and the MegaGen Team